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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Italiannies, The Gardens

Celebrated the Brother's birthday at Italiannies, The Gardens. You could always smell their freshly baked breads and pizzas from 2 floors up/down as their ovens are outside the restaurant. Pretty smart marketing strategy. The wonderful aromas lure you in! We arrived at about 11.15am, and were the first customers for the day. 

The welcoming staff was nice and polite. He brought us to apparently the seats with the best view in the restaurant, very far from the entrance of the restaurant. Hahahaha! Nothing fantastic. It was a construction site of a building, overlooking the highway and monorail. 

Each table had its own bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A staff will serve it for you with the complimentary bread platter. 

 We took about 30 minutes to study the menu as it has an extensive variety of pastas, pizzas, salads and other Italian cuisine. Little did we realize that we ordered 3 starters amongst ourselves!

This is the Signature Quattro Platter, RM34.90. The Birthday Brother ordered it. The Fried Lemon Cheesy Balls (darker color) was really REALLY strong as compared to the risotto balls (lighter color). The Zucchini Strings and Fried Calamari were a table favorite. Didn't try the alfredo dipping sauce but the marinara was spicy & tangy. Nice!

Mum ordered the Signature Stuffed Mushrooms, RM24.90 for the Regular size. We asked how many mushrooms would we be served, and she said 6. I guess they mentioned to the kitchen that there's 4 of us, so they gave us 8 pieces instead. The mushrooms are really tiny. We could barely taste the spinach and fresh herbs but it was really fragrant. Honestly, the texture was more like bread crumbs with hints of Italian Sausage. The 3 cheeses sauce was not too over-powering. 

Little did we know that Dad ordered the Prosperity 2-course meal that came with 1-starter and 1-main, RM25.90++! And for his starters, he had the Artichoke Crostini, just because he wanted to try artichoke! We've seen the vege, but don't know how to cook it. Hahaha! The melted cheese was a lil too much for me, and it was just all too much cheese on bread. 

For Dad's main, he had the Pepperoni Pizza. He only managed 3 pieces and we packed the rest of the leftovers back. I did not have a taste yet, but it's beef pepperoni pizza. How different would it taste from the other fastfood pizza places?

 I bravely ordered the Signature Fettuccine Tartufo, RM36.90. HOMAIGAD How was I suppose to know that it'll be such a HUGEASS serving?! The cream was too heavy and I wish there were more mushrooms. I love pasta and truffle oil but this was too much to handle! I had to add some marinara sauce from my brother's lasagne. Only managed half of the portion as it didn't taste nice anymore when it got cold. 

Mum ordered the Romano Parmesan Crusted Fish with Butter Capers Sauce which is NEW on the menu, RM28.90. Mum shared a small piece with me. The whitefish was really lovely as the meat was flaky, yet juicy. The long-grain herbed rice was fragrant. Mum enjoyed her dish a lot, so, I guess those who aren't keen on cheesy dishes can opt for this one.

The Brother chose their Signature Lasagna A La Ravina, RM32.90. For the first time, I'm looking at a huge piece of lasagna swimming in marinara/tomato sauce. 

There are 5-7 layers of lasagna with generous amounts of minced meat ragout. Although on the outside it was swimming in sauce, it was pretty dry on the inside, so, the brother had to scoop the sauce to enhance the flavors. I did not have a taste, but I'm guessing it's good because he almost finished it, but even for a moderately big eater like himself, we still had to takeaway the leftovers. 

Water is FOC. The Brother ordered their bottomless Iced Lemon Tea. Overall, the food is really Italian, in flavors and portions! The only thing that marred the experience was the service. The brother had to go up to the kitchen to ask for a refill of his drink... TWICE!

If you'd like to look at their locations, menus and prices, check out: (website) (Facebook)

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