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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bukit Gambang Resort & Water Park 2013

We made a random trip to Bukit Gambang Resort & Water Park last long weekend.

Bukit Gambang is about 45 minutes drive from Kuantan; 2.5 hours drive from KL. On our way, we made a rest stop to have brunch. Accordingly, Kuantan is famous for its Nasi Lemak and Gulai Masak Tempoyak (spicy curry with fermented durian). We stopped by this shop which was just opening its stores for the day:
We ordered one plate of nasi lemak (no pictures…sorry), very rare do we get warm / hot nasi lemak, and this was just perfect. The sambal was not too spicy and the fried egg, where you poke the center,  the yolk oozes out… HOMAIGAD…  it was… ahhh… I'd like to have this nasi lemak panas again! RM5 per plate. We were one of the first few, the crowd after that…

There was a freakin' long queue… I guess it's one of those AWESOME ones…! 

I slept most of the way. But this is where we stayed:
We booked the family suite, which included 2 bedrooms (with en-suite bathrooms each), a living room and small kitchen area. This is place is fairly new, only 7 months old, so, it was pretty vacant.

The living room has wooden chairs and NO television. Bare minimum. 

But, each room had a flat 17" Samsung LCD, where you can plug in your HDD. Thank goodness my bro was smart enough to bring episodes of Running Man because the TV has NO ASTRO. Very unfortunate because coincidentally it was the Australian Open finals week.

After we dumped our stuff, we went downstairs to grab a bite. Well, late lunch… seriously, prices of hotels on the outskirts of town (re: NOT KL) are so much cheaper… and the food's pretty good too. The menu:

 The brother ordered Spaghetti Carbonara with spicy chicken. It was al dente with not much sauce, but loads of cheese and milk flavors. The spicy chicken was pretty good. He didn't like it, even though I pre-warned him what 'carbonara' meant… in the end, I had this and he had...

… my order of Penne Arabiatta, which was SO FULL OF FLAVOR! The spiciness from the dried chili and richness of the tomato sauce, I'd order this a second round! 

Mum had their triple stack sandwich with potato wedges. Really nice and crispy wedges, and the home-made bread was orange (I'm suspecting pumpkin). Since the whole concept of the resort was Arabian, so, the food was pretty much along that theme too. 

 The 3D2N package came with breakfast and dinner buffet. I gotta say that the spread is pretty extensive. Here's the dinner for the first night:

Macaroni with tomato sauce, which if you add the cream of mushroom and mix, it'll be less sour and more awesome creamy. It was all sauce, no meat, and the cream of mushroom soup was just too salty, not diluted, so, a mix of both was just right. They also had a salad spread, and the works of steamed rice, with mixed vegetables, beancurd, curry chicken… etc… Their ayam masak merah was surprisingly yummy, but the chicken pieces were a bit small.  

Their dessert spread was pretty good too. We don't exactly have sweet tooth, but just wanted to try. The creme brulee didn't have the normal burnt sugar, but instead whipped cream. The ginger taste was too strong so, I only took one teaspoonful. The layer of yam, jelly and mango pudding topped with a marshmallow was OK. Still, too sweet for us, so, we piled up on fresh fruits. The original sweetness of the fruits were so much better, they had papaya, watermelon and pineapple.

The breakfast spread was similar for the 2 days. They had waffles, nasi lemak, omelette, sausages (Day 1), beef cuts (Day 2), hash browns, congee… a mixed of western and malay breakfast spread.

After breakfast, we headed to the water park (the package came with entrance fee to the park):

Bro and I went on some pretty awesome rides. It's kinda sad though coz you need to hike up for 5 minutes to get to the top, and the trill only lasted seconds! But, this was one that I dunked myself into. The waves! Awesome shizz! The safari was still under construction (you can see it on the top left of the picture), so, I wouldn't visit this again until it's all completely ready… maybe 5 years time?

We didn't stay long… so after about 2 hours, we decided to head back to the resort. But, we must have souvenirs to say we were here!

After washing up, Dad drove to Kuantan town and we ended up in Teluk Cempedak. Oh wow…the sea breeze… and heat! We were starving and so, found this place just outside of Hyatt Resort:
Service was dreadfully slow. Quality of food was so-so, and portions were small. I ordered Beef Tom Yam soup, and it took a painstaking 40 minutes to be served. Worst, I asked during the order if it came with rice and the waitress said yes. My bowl of soup came, but no rice! I had to ask and the girl was like "oh yeah!". Like… -,- 

Although the soup was spicy, it was not sour enough, there was only a small amount of sliced beef, which didn't smell fresh. Pretty slip-shod. 

Anyway, after lunch, we walked out to the beach and I was awe-strucked. I didn't think that there will still be hope for Malaysian beaches, what with the pollution and over-population. The beach at Teluk Cempedak had clean, white sands!
But, of course, the waters weren't aquamarine blue and turquoise green. You could see oil slick in some corners of rocks and boulders. Ah! Let's hope it can be saved from irresponsible animals (re: humans)!

The day was hot and scorching, so, dad drove back in the sweltering heat) and when we reached the resort, we all took cold showers and dozed till dinner time.

Day 2 dinner was ginseng chicken soup, stir-fry mixed vege, beef rendang, nasi minyak, ayam masak merah (yaay!)… but the best part was dessert. Sinfully, thick chocolate fudge cake! HOMAIGAD! It just made the dinner a lil more awesome.

Overall, Bukit Gambang Water Resort and Park is still new. Heck, the pools were still under maintenance and the water green! Yuck! Give it a couple of years to develop…like install ASTRO in the rooms and open the pools… and have animals in the safari, and have more rides in the water park… then maybe it'll be worth the visit. 

But, if you must:

Bukit Gambang Resort City

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