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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flemington Hotel & Botanical Gardens, Taiping 2012

The last part of our family trip for the year 2012. Both families parted ways on the final leg. Uncle's family stayed on in Penang, whilst we decided to head down to Taiping as mum & I wanted to experience Taiping's Lake Gardens.

It's such a quite town and we chose Flemington Hotel to stay for the night. It's good if you're only going to stay for a night or two. The hotel is located within the Lake Gardens, which also has the Taiping Zoo. There is about an RM50 difference if you want your room to have a view of the lakes. The rooms have no fridge, but that's the only amenity that they don't have. It's air-conditioned and there's the LCD TV with selected channels. Check out the pool, it's a rooftop pool, and you can see the water sloshing away from outside (top right corner of this photo)

As the food stalls outside were quite unhygenic, we opt to lunch and dine in the hotel. If you think hotel food is extravagantly expensive, then you're in for a yummy shock!

And all these awesome meals come in large portions and it's all worth it! My Wa Tan Hor...check out the amount of ingredients and the gooey gravy...ffffuuuhhh.... :-9

Their Fish & Chips... 2 deep-fried fish in batter, with side salad and fries. The batter gets a bit too much after a while... so in the end, I just pry the fish away from the batter and eat the fish.

Here's another shot of the fish & chips...

Chicken Chop in black pepper sauce with side salad and potato wedges.

At RM148 per night, we were given 2 complimentary breakfast buffet. It served omeletts, sliced chicken sausage, porridge, juice, nasi lemak...the local fare of hawker breakfast food...

and fruits! Something that's been missing in our Penang foodie diet! 

Then, we took a drive around Taiping town... so serene to have the misty mountains as the backdrop of this quaint town.

The Taiping Lake Gardens is a huge garden...

with proud, standing, centuries-old rain trees... 

... giving us magnificent backdrop and wonderful reflection on its lakes... 

Such majesty!

Unfortunately, man will destroy beauty. Empty plastic bottles, and oil slick, mud and over-grown algae are in plain sight when you look into the lakes. It's such a sad sight where on the surface, it's all beautiful and pretty, but on the inside, it's so unkept and filthy.

I did not take pictures of the lakes because it's such a disgusting sight... in such a sorry state. Visit the Taiping Lake Gardens if you don't believe me.

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