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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet Chat - The Mines Shopping Center

So, after our 6-hour marathon at the BBW Book Sale [Read about it here], we dumped the books in the car and walked over to the mall just opposite to have lunch.

We deliberated for quite a bit and the folks decided to try something different -- as opposed to the initial Kenny Rogers / Nando's.

We ended up at this place, served by a staff whom I believe is Bangladeshi. The overall service was OK, but here's how it went downhill…

I wanted the Baked Mac N Cheese, but they were out of it. That is a crime itself on my standards. If you don't have the food, then don't bloody advertise it!

So, we decided on the other lunch specials. Mon wanted the Curry Laksa -- and AGAIN, it's ALL gone. Sure, we were ordering our lunch close to 3pm… maybe that was the factor, but it's on your main menu anyway…so what's up with running out of it?! In the end, both of us settled for Spaghetti Bolognese. The staff proceed to ask if we wanted a hot dessert or iced peach tea, so, we took one of each. He said there was only bubur cha-cha, but when I read the menu, it clearly stated ANY HOT DESSERT. Obviously, he couldn't argue on a grammar technicality -- nor could the manager -- so I managed to get my glutinous rice dessert with peanut-filled glutinous rice balls.
There you go. A few chopped carrots and celery, and a blob of bolognese sauce. It's not even tomato-red! I could hardly tell if it was beef or chicken and the sauce was super dry…heck, it was more like paste! The Pop had their Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken…which was much nicer as compared to this. I added a little bit of the curry to my spaghetti, which tasted so much better. A consolation would be the pasta was al dente, just nice for me, but The Mom didn't like it at all.

Here's the story of the dessert…
When you see the word LUNCH SPECIALS, you would fathom that it's suppose to come in a set… which we were all DUPED to believe. We thought the mains came with either the Iced Peach Tea (which was just Lipton) or any hot dessert of our choice. We ordered this and the bubur cha-cha each. I didn't take a picture of the bubur, neither did I taste it, but according to The Pop, they used milk instead of coconut milk. I don't know if it's the health consciousness of the cook, but nothing beats the fragrant taste of coconut milk.

At first, they brought us 2 of the same dessert. We then complained coz we specifically said one of each, and even the staff repeated our order! This time, a different staff served us and he said that they ran out of bubur cha-cha. So, fine. We left it as it is. Next thing you know, he brought the correct bowl that we ordered, exchanged and just smiled. The Pop jibed and said "You doing magic? Just now say don't have?" The prick didn't even apologize for his mistake!

This dessert came with 2 medium-sized glutinous rice-balls filled with peanut paste. It tasted OK, but the dessert was a mix of red-bean and glutinous rice! And I! I don't care what you think…I just don't like the texture. 

When it came to the bill, this is when the showdown happened. We all thought that the main with the dessert was 9.90 nett. But when they rang the bill, the dessert/drink was an additional RM1.99. The Pop got very upset, but had to pay coz we already ate. Very sneaky of them, but probably we were at fault for not reading the fine print too.

Will we patronize this place again at their other branches?


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