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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012 - MIECC

1st trip was on its opening day and today was the 2nd (and probably last one -- T.T --)

This is my stash, in total, probably around RM200+ over those 2 trips. Most books were RM8, while the backdated magazines were RM5. They usually don't carry a lot of music magazines. Maybe 2-3. There were a lot of bridal magazines this year. Hmmm…

Anyway, I manage to get some on my wanted list like Steigg Larsson's The Girl series. Too bad they weren't in box sets, nor were they the same book cover. I managed to get only the first 2 books of the series. They didn't had the 3rd installment. Maybe they'll only bring it out on the very last day. Unfortunately, I won't be around to join the madness so I guess that will have to wait for the next sale.

But, this is one sale worth waiting for. You can literally get your 1-year's worth of leisure reading at this sale.

The first day was really really nice because all the books were in place, and on their tables, even though not arranged in alphabetical order. That's the beauty of going on the first day. The crowd was crazy with people lugging travel bags. The worst ones were those with strollers. Eh…hello? Your baby is sleeping and here you are, blocking other people's way just because you don't have a nanny or your MIL not around to take care? The organizers should really ban strollers in their future sales. 

The 2nd trip was much more bearable. It was a weekday; a Monday fresh from the weekend 60-hour sale frenzy. We arrived slightly before 10am (doors open at 9am) and the staff were just beginning to unpack new books from the boxes and rearranging the messed up ones. The fact that I was browsing at my own time from table to table, book by book gave me the chance to discover real gems like Copland's What to Listen for in Music. It's about RM30 in Kinokuniya, a price still fairly cheap for a book, but it was going for RM8. I saw 3 of it, each on different tables, but I only bought 2. ~* Just sold 1 to my student. Now thinking I should have bought all of the ones I found *~

But, I gotta say that not all the books that were advertised were on the tables on occasions that I went, which is a real bummer. The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center is not very near from where I am, although parking is convenient (RM2 for the whole day), it just bums me out seeing the FB photo posts and web posts of what's available, only to not find it when you get there. I guess that's their gimmick to get people to go, just about every other day until the final day that they are opened. It's a very cheap, dirty marketing gimmick. But still, people will go. I have a feeling that they're saving the best for last -- which I WILL NOT BE AROUND FOR!!! Well, not that I want to join the maddening crowd but…ugh! What if they do have the books on my list on the final day?!

The other comment is if only us patrons were civic-minded enough to put the books where it belongs, or even put them title-side up FROM DAY ONE, it will make the staff's job so much easier, and future browsing experience much more pleasurable. It's so disgusting to see books being mishandled. Some parents make the worst role-models! So shameful to even be in the newspapers…

If parents don't even teach their own children some sort of logic, good manners, common sense and civic-mindedness, they expect the schools to teach it? No way in hell will it every happen! It all starts with good family upbringing -- and I whole-heartedly believe in that.

Generally, it was an OK experience this year. There are things which the organizers can definitely improve on. But, I'm overall happy that even if the experience is shitty that we have to deal with this kinda crap (pity the hardworking staff!):

I'm glad that BookXcess at Amcorp Mall sells books at fraction prices all year round, that I don't have to wait for another BBW sale. But, I heard there'll be 4.5 million books next round? @.@

Big Bad Wolf Books:

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