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Monday, November 26, 2012

Home Made Fish Head Noodles, Midvalley

Mum, the Bro and I decided to try a new foodie place in Midvalley. It's located on the outside of the building. Food cafes and restaurants that serve alcohol / pork-free / with pork are on the outside of the building as it's non-halal. To find Home Made Fish Head Noodle, go to the Starbucks / Delicious exit, and from Delicious, turn right and walk down. You'll pass Chillis on the way.

Clearly, their specialty are fish head noodles. It comes either deep-fried or fresh, in milky broth or with X.O sauce. I didn't order the fish head coz I didn't know how to eat fish head. Hahaha! I usually go for the tail / lower body. So, I ordered…
Fish Paste Mee Hoon with X.O sauce. The rice vermicelli are thicker than your normal ones, therefore it has more texture and bite to it. Elongated fish paste, about 5-6 pieces, spring onions as garnish and a huge bowl of milky soup with X.O sauce. Well, more like chili oil with milky soup. It was spicy, but not so much of the X.O taste, save for some pieces of dried shrimps.

Mum ordered the fried kuay teow with sliced beef. The beef was very tender, there were a couple of large pieces, but, the pieces of capsicum were miserable. Mum said there were only 2 medium-square pieces of green and 1 piece or red capsicums. This just made the dish looked like a large plate of brown flat noodles. And there were just too much oyster sauce… the dish was super salty.

The Bro's rice dish was a chicken patty (as seen) with fermented & fresh leaf of veggie garnish at the top. It's called something-something-Szechuan. I don't know which part is Szechuan but it's a small helping for big-eaters. The visuals aren't pleasing and according to the Bro, the taste wasn't that great either.

Drinks were served in large mugs. The barley & Gingko drink was more like barley and gingko in soya bean.

Overall, I'd go there again for their specialty, just to try out others soupy dishes. Since I'm allergic to seafood, I guess I have no other choice but to go for the fish.

They have 3 branches. The other 2 is in Kota Damansara and SS15 in Subang.

Home Made Fish Head Noodle
G(E)-015, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 2282 0216

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