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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jelly Bunny Shoes, Suria KLCC

uh oh. Oops…! No no… not jellybeans…

Possibly one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn…ever!

All the way from Thailand, they come in a variety of designs, therefore different cutting = different size. Mine hovers between UK size 6 - 7. Each design has a special name too!

Here's why they are so damn comfortable!

1) It's made out of super high quality PVC. It's ideal for long walks and short strolls, sun and rain, day and night!
2) Because of its make, it moulds to the contours of your feet! Say bye-bye to too-much-space-at-the-heels!!

Their flagship store opened recently (they are only 13 days old today!) at Suria KLCC. There were 4 store assistants and they were friendly. Many ladies were trying out their shoes. I was one of them! Haha! Which explains why I didn't take pictures of the store.

The layout is pretty much like Crocs, but, Jelly Bunny is the sister store of high-end Jaspal. So, there were large mirrors, plushy sofas for you to sit and try on your shoes. Since they're new, not all of the designs have arrived yet. The store assistant told mum & I that all of it will arrive by November (was it beginning or end?).  I'd definitely be going back there again!

I bought this pair, aptly named Beth for RM59.90. It comes in hot pink, light lavender, black and pastel green. I went with white instead because black was out of stock and it would be quite difficult to match the other colors. Each color has a special name for it too, not some plain lame name.

Some designs are as low as RM29.90/pair, but their higher-end designs have yet to make its appearance. According to their catalog, it could fetch as high as RM150 but, hey, for durable and style, it's damn affordable!

Here are some of my favorite selections from the catalog! I must apologize for the picture qualities but the catalogs are free and you can get them at the store. =)

Visit them at Suria KLCC (opposite Uniqlo, next to Isetan Supermart).

Or, you can browse their Facebook page
(Thai FB:
(Sister site JASPAL:

Official site(Thai):

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