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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Korean Celebrity Lookalike!

You know when I'm really bored...

Lately in the Kpop scene, there has been a surge of netizens posting up celebrity photos and 'calculating' their facial features to see whether they look their age, if their features are more feminine or masculine, as well as their possible lookalikes. I decided to jump in and join the lame bandwagon and found it pretty amusing.

You're not the artist herself, are you?
The face comparison software says that I'm 23 years old and look 99% female. Haha! And my celebrity lookalike is Jungah from After School who's 28 years old! I don't know whether to be happy or sad coz my lookalike is 5 years older! Oh wait. Koreans add 1 year to their actual age, which means I look 22?? whoopee..~! Haha!

Obviously, I knew I had to get a few more other opinions:

By any chance are you sisters?
This was my next best result. I'm surprised though, because my head shots just gets more unglam as I tried on more possibilities. This is totally au natural. It's after showering actually. Notice my slightly wet hair strands pieced together. Haha. The celebrity resemblance is split 50-50 between girls in their early 20s and ladies in their early 30s. So, I guess my face is my age?

There's some similarities.
This result yielded very much older celebrities. Not good...not good. My needs some moisturizing from the fountain of youth!! But, the results does think that I'm 21 years of Korean age (means 20! =D ) But most of the celebrity lookalikes are average of 30 years old!!! It's gotta be the makeup. Had this makeup done after one of the facial appointments sometime about 2 months back. Yes. Makeup makes one look older.

No close match, but we did it anyway.
This was the worst one out of it. Not only did they insult the comparison results, but apparently I'm a 24 year old that looks 97% male!!! It's gotta be the smug facial expression. Hahaha...! But, at least my nearest comparison is a 17 year old! I really wonder how do these software programs work.

But...this last result has to be the best out of the best and it made my day! I think this is one of my best frontal head shots and this was the result!

Sorry, we couldn't find your lookalike
Why do I love this particular result so much? Because, it shows that only I have this face and there is no one to compare to! The face is owned by me and me alone!! Mwahahahaha....!!

If you're interested: click and try it!

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